Events in 2019

Organiser: Miguel Angel Marquina / IT
January 18 Abuse, Blunder and fun
Stefan Lueders, CERN-IT
IT Technical Forum

January 21 BIG : DATA : TRUST New Ideas for Secure Identity Management inspired by Quantum Mechanics
Manfred Paeschke, Bundesdruckerei GmbH
KT Seminar

January 23 CERN openlab Technical Workshop (23-24 January)

January 29 Hardware acceleration with GPUs and FPGAs
Shasank Chavan, Oracle Corp.
February 07 Learning more about the ingredients of cloud applications
Josef Spillner, Service Prototyping Lab
February 20 Monitor your CentOS stack with Prometheus
Julien Pivotto, Inuits
March 08 System testing service developments using Docker and Kubernetes: EOS + CTA use case
Julien Leduc, CERN-IT
IT Technical Forum

March 12 30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web

March 15 Going Serverless with Knative on Kubernetes
Sebastien Goasguen, TriggerMesh
IT Technical Forum

March 20 Effective Fuzzing: From Noise to SIGSEGV
Shawn Denbow, Microsoft Corp.
March 29 Deep Learning at CERN openlab: for High Energy Physics and Beyond
Sofia Vallecorsa, CERN openlab
IT Technical Forum

April 04 Powering Tensorflow with Big Data: A look at Apache Beam & Apache Spark for Tensorflow
Holden Karau, Google LLC
Hosted by CERN openlab

April 12 Report on the HEPiX Spring 2019 Workshop
Andrei Dumitru et al, CERN-IT
IT Technical Forum

May 01 Voxxed Days CERN

May 10 MirageOS: clean-slate library operating system with minimal trusted code base
Hannes Mehnert, robur