Events in 2014 • 2015 • 2016

Organiser: Miguel Angel Marquina / IT
February 10 Large Data Visualization with Open-Source Tools
Julien Jomier, Kitware
February 25 Legal aspects of Joint Pre-Commercial Procurements: from modeling to implementation
Francesca Cinardo, Trento RISE
February 27 Cloud Machine Learning
Joseph Sirosh , Microsoft Corp.
March 2 Are locks tying you down into knots and is Transactional Memory the answer?
Michael Wong, IBM and OpenMP
March 6 Future trends in virtualization and cloud computing
Talks by Amazon, Basho, Citrix, Google and Univ.Notre Dame
Technology session - CernVM Users Workshop, March 5-6

March 27 Transparadigm Programming
Dr. Damian Conway, Thoughtstream
April 17 ESA's Gaia Satellite and data processing status
William O'Mullane, European Space Agency
April 23 Report on the HEPiX Spring 2015 Workshop
Arne Wiebalck et al, CERN-IT
IT Technical Forum

April 29 Discussing the Future of C++ (Lenexa Meeting)
Rene Meusel, CERN-PH

The Science of Prediction with Neural Networks
H.G.Zimmermann, Siemens AG
A&T Seminar

April 30 Intel in Big Data and IoT
Parviz Peiravi, Intel Corp.
May 12 Unlock performance secrets of next-gen Intel hardware
Zakhar A. Matveev, Intel Corp.
May 20 Parallel processing at low power - a Field Programmable Gata Array of dreams?
Bill Jenkins, Altera
Electronics SIG

May 22 How to ship a data product: from conceptualization to prototyping to production
Samuel Chang and Zhihao Lin, Teralytics
May 27 Revealing Insights from Data
Pere Urbon and Alan Hardy, Elastic
June 5 New Approaches in Science Communication at the CERN Media Lab
Joao Antunes Pequenao, CERN-DG
IT Technical Forum

June 11 CERN Meet Up with OCP High Performance Computing Project
chaired by Devashish Paul, Integrated Device Technology
Special one-day event

June 24 The Helix Nebula 6th General Assembly (24-25 June)
Special HNI event
June 25 Real time communications: The challenges of timing and synchronization over IP networks

Software Defined Networks (SDN): The operation of large data networks made easy
Thomas Wahlund, Magnus Danielson and Javier González, Net Insight
June 26 The Helix Nebula Initiative and PICSE: Towards a European Open Science Cloud
Special HNI Open Day event
June 29 Corporate big data and analytics, an innovation journey
Massimo Mercuri, DSM
July 2 Reaching for the stars - New developments in ground-based astronomy
Dr. Markus Kissler-Patig, Gemini Observatory, Hilo, Hawaii, USA
A&T Seminar

July 3 Anomaly Detection using the 'Isolation Forest' algorithm
David Gerster, BigML Inc.

1st Meeting of the MIXMAX Network on innovative Pseudo-Random Number Generators
Special one-day event
July 22 ONOS: an OpenSource Scalable SDN controller
Ali Al-Shabibi, Open Networking Lab
July 27 Are All Pixels Equally Important?
Gökhan Yildirim, EPFL
August 7
Network Security: Introspection into action
with the HP TippingPoint DVLabs Research Group

Machine Learning for Security
Josiah Hagen
Attacking IoT with Software defined radio
Jonathan Andersson
Identifying Application Usage within Encrypted Tunnels
Brandon Niemczyk
September 18 (Wild)Fly far and away: the evolution of the JBoss Application Server
Dimitris Andreadis, Red Hat
October 20 Generic approach to Legacy Fortran code porting on GPU
Dmitry Mikushin, Applied Parallel Computing LLC
Adopting Fortran legacy code for ensemble simulations on GPU: the experience with Sixtrack
Dmitry Mikushin, Applied Parallel Computing LLC
October 23 Monte Carlo simulation code modernization
Federico Carminati, CERN-PH
IT Technical Forum

October 30 Report on the HEPiX Fall 2015 Workshop
Arne Wiebalck et al, CERN-IT
IT Technical Forum

November 19 Cluster Management via Multi-Level Scheduling with Apache Mesos
Benjamin Hindman, Mesosphere
November 30 High performance in software development
Juha-Matti Liukkonen, Petri Haapio and Jouni Kallunki, Reaktor
December 2 Balanced Technical Computing - Solving Big Data problems a novel way
Landon Noll and René Raeber, Cisco Systems
December 8 Introduction to Rule Engines with Drools
Mario Fusco, Red Hat
December 10 Letting code speak through Jupyter: current capabilities and future plans
Benjamin Ragan-Kelley and Thomas Kluyver