Events in 2011 • 2012 • 2013

Organiser: Miguel Angel Marquina / IT
February 1 SlipStream: automated provisioning and continuous deployment in the cloud
Marc-Elian Bégin, SixSq
February 6 Many-core technologies: The move to energy-efficient, high-throughput x86 computing (TFLOPS on a chip)
Dr. Herbert Cornelius, Intel Corp.
March 29 Dataflow Computing for Data-Intensive Applications
Oskar Mencer, Maxeler Technologies, and Ernesto Bonomi, CRS4/Italy
April 24 Models, DSLs and Code Generation
Markus Völter, itemis AG in Stuttgart, Germany
May 11 Report on the Spring 2012 HEPiX Meeting
Helge Meinhard et al, CERN-IT
IT Technical Forum

June 8 Writing parallel programs that work
Paul Petersen, Intel SSG
June 19 Building, Testing, and Deploying Software in a Cross-Platform Development Environment
Julien Jomier, Kitware SAS
June 20 Trends in Database Research
Miguel Branco, EPFL
July 23 Dealing with BIG Data - Exploiting the Potential of Multicore Parallelism and Auto-Tuning
Victor Pankratius, MIT
September 3 Nifty Native Implemented Functions: low-level meets high-level code
Ian Plosker, Basho Technologies
September 5 Wikimedia as a platform for scientific information
Daniel Mietchen, guest of the Open Knowledge Foundation/Germany
September 11 Random Number Generation: A Practitioner's Overview
Prof. Michael Mascagni, Florida State University
September 24 GPU acceleration of scientific applications: An update
Dr. Peter Messmer and Edmondo Orlotti, NVIDIA
September 28 SEJITS: embedded specializers to turn patterns-based designs into optimized parallel code
Dr. Timothy Mattson, Intel Corp.
November 16 Report on the Fall 2012 HEPiX Meeting
Helge Meinhard et al, CERN-IT
IT Technical Forum