Events in 2007

Organiser: Miguel Angel Marquina / IT
19 Dec Debugging and Optimizing Applications for Multi core MPP Architectures
Gordon Cook - Allinea Software
30 Nov Report on the Fall 2007 HEPiX Meeting
Helge Meinhard, Alex Iribarren and Rafal Otto - CERN/IT
2 Nov Managing Virtual Machine Images
Havard Bjerke, CERN/IT Openlab
11 Oct Programming Challenges for Many-Core Computing
Anwar Ghuloum, Intel Labs
21 Sep Report on the Victoria BC CHEP'07 Conference
Alan Silverman, Andrea Sciaba and Michal Kwiatek, CERN/IT
20 July Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms in High Energy Physics and Computing
Dr. Liliana Teodorescu, Brunel University
18 June Ethics and Practice of Free Software
Prof. Richard M. Stallman, Free Software Foundation
12 June The Dynamics of Information
Dr. Bernardo A. Huberman, Director of the Information Dynamics Lab at HP Laboratories
23 May The future of Information Search
Torstein Thorsen, VP, Technical Lead, FAST, Norway
and Andreas Wagner CERN/IT
11 May Accelerating data communications to produce a tenfold performance improvement for Office/Database/Web/Media applications over the WAN/Grid
Prof. Frank Wang - Cambridge-Cranfield High Performance Computing Facility (CCHPCF) - United Kingdom
10 May The RapidMind Development Platform for Cell, GP-GPU, and Multicore CPUs
Prof. M. McCool - U.Waterloo and RapidMind Inc.
4 May Report on the Spring 2007 HEPiX Meeting
Helge Meinhard et al - CERN/IT
8 March Evolution of clustered storage
Lance Hukill, VP of Software in Quantum Corporation