Events in 2004

Organiser: Julian Blake / IT
1 December Practical Use of XML
Rostislav Titov, CERN/IT
9 November ITIL, Best Practice, and IT Service Management
Robert Falkowitz (Concentric Circle Consulting) and Seymour Hosking (Hosking Associates)
5 November Report on the Brookhaven HEPiX Meeting
Helge Meinhard, Rafal Otto, Matthias Schroeder, CERN/IT
3 November BSD UNIX in Mac OS X
Jordan Hubbard, Apple Computers
14 October Report on the Interlaken CHEP'04 Conference
Laurence Field, Giacomo Govi, Tim Smith, CERN/IT
4 June Report on the Edinburgh HEPiX-HEPNT Meeting
Helge Meinhard, Jan Iven, Alan Silverman, CERN/IT
1 June Virtual Reality and Visualization: recent progress in acquiring and displaying 3D scenes and multiple data sets
Prof. Russell Taylor (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
25 May Stork: Making Data Placement a First Class Citizen in the Grid
Tevfik Kosar, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
4 May The OurGrid Project: Grid Computing for Bag-of-Tasks Applications
Walfredo Cirne, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil
23 April InDiCo Workshop
25 March The Swiss Centre for Scientific Computing (CSCS): Accelerating Scientific Discovery
Marie-Christine Sawley, Swiss Centre for Scientific Computing
5 February Data Pump in Oracle Database 10g: Foundation for Ultra-High Speed Data Movement Utilities
Bill Fisher (Oracle Corporation)